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this evening. fox news coverage of the boston marathon bombing continues with the two suspects now off the streets. >> a murder and a shoot of two police officers overnight to apprehending suspect number two. >> we are looking at these officers -- and this is a fox news alert. boston please confirming that suspect number two is now in custody. right to the scene in watertown to shepard smith. he has been on the ground all night for the fox news channel. >> reporter: the tweet came from the boston police and reads in all caps captured. the hunt is over. the search is done. the terror is over and justice has won. suspects in custody. it has been a long and difficult four days here in boston and across new england and for that matter across america as many of our viewers who have been watching throughout the night know this all began just before fox reports late in the 6:00 hour when it is our understad all oe
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together specifically in the hours ahead. right now we are waiting for a news conference and that will happen shortly and we will take you there live. first during the latter half of the 6:00 hour on fox news channel we got word that a woman called police and said you came and slept in my boathouse and there was no one in my boat and things changed. there is a door open and i see blood and maybe bloody clothes. police came. varying reports about how they found out the man was in the boat. eventually they realized he was in the boat in the backyard of the house at 67 franklin street in watertown. authorities initially surrounded the house and the boat and our understanding was he was alive and surrounded and not coming out of the boat. a standoff for quite some time. varying reports of what happened there. we believe at this point he sat up at some point and authorities were concerned that he might have some sort of suicide vest on him. it is our understanding his
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brother did, indeed, have such a vest on after a fire fight with police, actually in the early morning hour is of today when they crashed a one-time carjacked vehicle and the old oar of the two suspects died. the younger of the two took off on foot. they shut down the entire town, 20 block radius and went door to door. s.w.a.t. team and fbi and others home to home and everything. after they completed at in the 1:00 eastern hour they haded nothing. faces were long and the fear was this was going to two go on for quite some time. just before fox report the mayor said there was new you progress. he lifted the hu hud huddle ine order that kept bostonnians at home all day long and said you are now able to go about your are way. within a matter of minutes this series of events came about where there was 20 to 30 shots fired according to wet
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necessaries at the scene and then a number of explosions which may have been flash bangs as authorities tried to enter the area. our local station wfxt fox 25 for boston and new england has been all over this today and interrupting prime time tonight. let's join this them for live local coverage. >> reporter: spirits high not only from the crowd which is breaking into applause as you can hear. >> can you ask some of those people how they feel? talk to some of the people right there hear what the watertown residents have to say. >> reporter: we are leave on fox 25 and i just notice that you guys were part of the crowd that was cheering here. had you been watching long? what do you think of the job that the emergency crews have done? >> how long have we been here? >> leak 45 minutes. >> no. >> reporter: did you hear the bangs? >> we heard the flash bang. >> do you live in the area? >> the the street over. >> reporter: must have been scary to know this is happening and descending upon your neighborhood here.
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there were times he was in the zone where you lived. >> we were locked in the house all day. we weren't allowed out. >> reporter: how do you feel now that it is all over? >> relieved. very relieved. >> reporter: what do you think of the burst of applause coming through here? >> they deserve it. they have done a wonderful job all day. >> reporter: sense of relief for you as well, i imagine? >> it is better. >> reporter: a little sampling of people relieved here in watertown as law enforcement officials are heading out of the area and, once again, you hear the crowd breaking into applause. guys, back to you. >> lily, thank you very much. >> we have been given word from watertown police they asked the media at the scene where all of this happened where you are watching the excitement come back to the location at the watertown mall where they will be holding a news conference in a moment. a number of things we are waiting to learn. first of all, how this went done and whether they believe there were other suspects. there were other bombs on scene and is there any reason to
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believe that people may have been involved. we were informed earlier they he took two males and a female into custody for questioning. they were not considered suspects at the time. people being brought in for questioning and it is our understanding that questioning has tenned throughout the night. the long and short of it tonight is the second of two suspects in the bombing of the boston marathon now in custody. we believe enroute to a hospital but you we don't yet know. we expect to learn just minutes from now you in a live news conference through which we will have live coverage here on fox news channel and on fox broadcast stations across the country. mike tobin is live in the area as well and mike was able to here in watertown as the choppers hovered over and authorities came racing through tonight much of a celebration. >> interesting. the onlookers formed up a
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gauntlet. when the unit come out, a k-9 unit. an ambulance coming through. you can hear the cheer coming out of the crowd and expression of gratitude. this is joe. you have been sheltered in place. what is it like to know it is over now? >> a fantastic. a great relief. >> reporter: a lot of people expressing gratitude to the emergency crews that went in there, the please offiers. what are your thoughts. >> we have a lot to be thankful for them. they did a great job. >> put themselves at risk. a lot of them got hurt. is this the point when you start think budget lives lost, particularly the police officer that lost their live. >> and the little girl, are the people that lost their limbs, everyone. >> reporter: is this community ready to bounce back? >> we are very resilient. >> reporter: and that is why we see people lining the road? >> without a doubt. >> reporter: some of the emergency vehicles, they are
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emptying out the scene rapidly. these people expressing so much gratitude for what went none there, sheppard. >> they are headed here. we are watching a steady stream of them. authorities are allow oing extra ambulances come by and a number of s.w.a.t. team members here. some coming lights and sirens possibly in celebration. it is not hard to imagine what these people have been going through knowing after this incredible scene last night the very early morning hours this stolen car and a shootout between two vehicles that authorities tell us that one of them threw one of the pressure cooker bombs outside of the vehicle and toward authorities. it is our understanding you know how a pressure cooker that you put on the stove top have clamps that hold them down. as it was thrown out the lid came off so rather than the destructive power of the bombs that exploded at the boston marathon it was less so. authorities told us repeatedly and a numerous authorities had
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the bomb gone off in the way it was intended to this would be a much worse situation. we are expecting in a few minutes to get a report on all of this from all involved. the mayor and duvall patrick. and the local fbi. one thing, sean hannity in new york, one thing i thought during bret baier's show the fbi had taken over the investigation and yet the only people from whom we got no word were the fbi. >> amazing. >> and eventually learn what it was that radicalized these men. the fact is right now we don't know. >> sean: it gives you chills to see the crowd giving applause to these men and women i'm sure many of whom did not sleep in the hours since this all took place on monday. you mentioned the woman that called the police that said she had checked her boat and the shed was now open and notice blood on the boat. there was a heavy firefight right after that, shep.
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do we know anything about what happened during that firefight? >> shepard: here are is what we know. a number of shots were fired. our own currents and producers -- correspondents and producers counted between 20 and 30. you never remember the numbers the first time around. we don't know if he was returning fire or armed at the time. later there were some 8 to 10 explosions as they were described, varying accounts of those. it was our belief at the time those might be flash bangs as sean you may remember the cop killer, the ex-cop who was running around killing cops in california that is how they ended that standoff. and then the cab went up in flames. the flash bangs make a lot of noise and they were described as explosions. there were concerns there might have been explosives left behind. you to consider this. after this fearfight last night between the brothers and the authorities the old other brother died and the younger brother fled on foot.
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it was the dark of night. authorities came to the cameras and said we didn't have enough manpower to seal this place off or thought they didn't. he was apparently hiding. was he in the boat all day? the authorities came there to sweep the area and went to the boat and shed in the back and found nothing? is it possible they didn't lift up the blue tarp and see them there? it is possible. also possible he was on the move today. they are going through the electronic communications according to fbi sources. tracing the youtube videos and all of their e-mail correspondences request an effort to get to the bottom whether they had help from anybody else or are whether for instance the three people brought into custody what did they know about this. did they have advanced knowledge about it or assist them in any way. all of this will be part of the authorities investigation going forward and i hope that we will be able to get some of the answers tonight at least about how the takedown went down on
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franklin street near watertown. >> sean: that is the one of the huge advantages that they got this guy alive which was going to be difficult from the beginning knowing how dangerous he is. i think our very own mike tobin is down there. the scene as police officers and law enforcement leave the area in watertown. all getting huge massive applause for their good work and keeping that community safe and getting this guy as they did tonight. mike tobin i believe is on the ground. mike? >> reporter: i'm here and it is quite an emotional scene. the emotion started rolling as the news was coming in this was resolved. the people crowded around a radio and each time they heard a nugget of news the cheers would go out. and the gauntlet three, three and a half blocks away from franklin street where it all
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went down just formed up ad hoc. no one planned it or called for it. the people just started lining the road as the emergency vehicles started coming out one by one. different groups like the s.w.a.t. teams. the tactical teams. they seemed to generate a bigger response from the crowd here. particularly if they were hitting their sirens. one guy got on the loud speakers and was chanting god bless america as he drove out through the crowd. an emotional scene and people spontaneously expressing gratitude to the cops who put their lives on the line. >> sean: taking this all in for a second and to see the appreciation of the commune etan. a large portion were told to stay in their homes for longer periods of time and late this afternoon after the press conference they were finally told they were able to leave and that is when events started to unfold very quickly. as shep was telling you earlier. a woman whose home was searched earlier. she called the police and they
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checked on the boat but she opened the shed and notice blood on the boat and bloody clothes and called police to notify them which led to the standoff immediately thereafter. some where between 20 and 30 rapid fire shots. police rush to the scene and then sent in a robot to see if there were explosives in and around the boat. the boston globe reported at the time that they had overheard the police saying we know you are are in there come out now with your hands up. obviously that decision was made by the suspect number two. now, taken into custody we believe at this hour probably taken to a local hospital due you to injuries as evidenced by the blood that was on the boat. right now we will go back to our own shepard smith back in boston with the latest. what time do we expect the press conference? >> shepard: in watertown and waiting for the news conference. the state police going by in the armored trucks. it was an astounding thing to see what looked like military
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troops going through a desserted town as people were holed up in their residences knowing that this man is on the loose and knowing that he was believed to be the one who blew up his own neighbors in the boston marathon. knowing that his brother died and he was at his last inn. the thought i was trying to finish earlier was when ran on foot it seemed clear to most that he did not have the tools he had along the way. no way to know whether he was armed but he fled quickly. they didn't know if he had a suicide vest on him as authorities say his brother did and they didn't believe he would have any way to carry with him any explosives. so the the thinking was he had either escaped the area or was a setting duck in hiding. the third option was that he might have died because we had reports earlier afternoon but we weren't completely comfortable enough to take them to air that there had been blood found at the scene this they believed to be his blood.
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he was injured in the firefight overnight. shot or injured in some other way, we don't yet know. i think as the news conference begins i'm led to believe a matter of minutes from now we might get answers to all of that. >> sean: one of the questions in the days and weeks ahead, shep, we want to know the extended trip that the older brother took to are yo russia,y particular training there. any foreign involvement in any of this. a sophisticated level of bombs as we talked to a lot of bomb experts on the program that these guys put together. that has to be one of the main questions we will be able to get now that the second suspect is alive. >> shepard: that will be a main question. the truth is and it is is no secret now i'm not the giving away any information when i tell you you can learn to build the things that they build on the internet in a matter of a few minutes. you wouldn't be able to necessarily pull it off in the first place. it would require rehearsals as
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it was described to me he. they clearly had a plan for the bombing but abou if there was n for the getaway it erupted or didn't work or maybe they didn't have one because the times between then and now has been chaotic for people who planned so meticulously the bombing and carried out the plot they didn't seem to have a plan what to do afterwards. sadly, a 26-year-old police officer died here in the line of duty last night as he was working to protect folks. i know how thankful everyone here is that these two men are no longer a menace. >> sean: and we can't forget those that lost their limbs. a little 8-year-old boston bruins fan lost his life. a 26-year-old girl. a chinese national lost her life in all of this. one of the things too, earlier as i did a lot of research we did find that the older brother
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here tamerlat thad a youtube site and showed radical ideas including highlighting a particular imam from australia that was known to encourage young people to strap bombs on themselves. what did you learn about that in the course of your study today? >> shepard: one thing we learned and multiple fbi sources told us two years ago some foreign government we don't know which well enough to take it to air contacted the fbi and said check this guy out. they did and the fbi sources tell us that they did so at length. after they did a lot o of checking on him. we don't know if that means following him but they ended up talking to him and reported back to the foreign government that they found nothing on him. and requested that that foreign government get back to them with any more questions and there were no more.
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right now wfxt, fox 25 in boston with live coverage. let's listen. >> in the gun shots and called in to the station and said we he just heard it with my own two ears and we want to get on this fast. we got the crews over there and was there on scene and incredible how the events of the night unfolded from that point forward. >> reporter: and so quickly. >> exactly right. you think about the press conference. walked away and you could see the law enforcement officials and those officials will be updating us as 9:30 at the watertown mall, the regional command center set up throughout this period today and they will be addressing the media and sharing more with us at that time. and we can only imagine what will be a very uplifting press conference given the last one they were at such a dead end it seemed. while they wanted to lift are the lockdown and they did, they wanted people to remain vigilant and be aware of their surroundings. people were still on edge knowing what took place overnight and what potentially
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could still be in the neighborhoods today and as it turned out, indeed, suspect two was still there. >> reporter: and the residents in the neighborhood didn't know how bad it was going to get. they heard th heard theons and gunfire and could have gotten a lot worse as we saw early this morning in watertown at the scene of the other gun battle. that was much worse. and this could have gotten much worse but there was a resolution at the end. and the neighborhood is relieved. the survivors of the marathon bombing are releaved beyond belief that there is some closure and this this person that hurt them has been found. and. >> and you recall it has been reported that one of the victims of that -- of the marathon bombing had said, given a description that led to suspect two identification and that was a major break in the case we understand as well. on the phone right now is mike
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bodette. mike, you know, we were talking about this suspect being holed up in the boat but now he is in a hospital. mount auburn and under arrest and in custody. >> incredible, mark. incredible to think that 24 hours ago we still didn't even know where these guys were. we had the videos and photos released from the fbi but there was still so much anticipation and then now 24 hours later this guy is in custody. suspect number one is dead. and you just got to believe that they this brings a lot of relief to not only the region but the world. >> reporter: and mike, how important is it that they got suspect number two alive? >> huge. i he mean that is huge. that was a real concern as they were going in there would they be able to get this guy alive. and such a concern because you had suspect number one who had explosives on him and had blast wounds to his body when they got him. so to be able to go in there,
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you got to give it to the investigators, the authorities, you got to give it to them and the great job that they did. this gaze and to get him alive that is huge. he will be able to provide a wealth of information. >> shepard: we are listening to wfxt in boston. the news conference scheduled to begin nine minutes from how to at watertown mall. we are expecting to get maybe some of the answers to the questions posed there on fox 25. we know that the first suspect who died last night had blast on him.s os we don't know the extent of the injuries here except that the suspect was bleeding when taken to the hospital. we will have live coverage from the hospital and here at the mall as the news conference gets underway. the u.s. attorney carmen ortiz to host the news conference. most of the authorities have made their way here and the governor and both mayors,
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boston and here in watertown will be with us and the u.s. attorney carmen ortiz will lead it. sean, it is impossible to know just -- yeah, man, go ahead. >> sean: i want to follow up because you mentioned earlier there was a foreign government we don't know which one that actually gave a warning to the fbi to investigate the older brother tamerlan in this particular case and they he did in fact interview him. he did in recent years, i don't know the period of time in between but put up a youtube site and it was examined on a number of sources. he kept putting up videos of a radical imam and he is -- and the youtube page belonging to him includes several links to his videos. he is widely known as sheik fayez. 8 years ago becoming one of the world's more controversial islamic lecturers.
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he had been investigated by australian police for in citing violence and terrorism. interesting considering the age of these two brothers is that it was captured on british tv in a documentary six years guy. this is the older brother putting this on his youtube page. this one imam he admired so much encouraging children to become martyrs for islam which is about six years ago. obviously this connection is going to be kenned in the days and weeks to -- examined in the days and weeks to go and maybe there was a tip that wasn't followed up on here that we will find more about in the next few weeks. >> shepard: that is entirely possible. we do know that he said all along you killed my brother i will kill all of you. of course, thankfully he wasn't able to accomplish that. it appears, sean that they were armed and ready for some sort of battle when you consider they made the pipe bombs which were described to us as a bit crude but could do the job.
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i think that was the quote. and then the stove top pressure cooker bombs as well. one that didn't go off as planned when they threw it out the window in the overnight hours. in addition to that the makeshift grenades which authorities say they had. we will learn a lot in a few minutes it is my hope about the way the arrest was accomplished and exactly what this 19-year-old suspect had at his disposal as he lay hiding and presumably pleading under the tarp under a boat in watertown. when know when they got there it was a call from this woman, one local station is reporting that they actually put a chopper overhead and realized that he was in the boat with thermal imaging. that is the only report on that. we will find out exactly what it was. they were trying to get him to come out. explaining that he was surrounded and that he wouldn't at least in the early going. then we know of the explosions as described to us 8 to 10 of them which may have been flash bangs set off be authorities.
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may have been something else. we don't have a way to know except to say that it would have been extremely difficult for the suspect to have run from the vehicle where his brother died, he is reported to have backed the vehicle over his own brother in an ait tempt to escape and then did so on foot. it is hard to imagine that he could carry a bunch of bombs with him as he is running in the dark of night bleeding to hide up a blue tarp under a boat. makes sense to suggest that the gun fire, maybe had a weapon with him but the explosions sounds like something that authorities would have done. we are scheduled to begin that three or four minutes from now, sean. >> sean: and tid bits through the media all day today. seems like the older brother is the one that was more radicalized and made the trip and the fbi was tipped off to investigate. there was a tran section occurring because he had been in the united states a little over ten years. for example he loved the movie borat even though he felt the
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jokes were too much. he didn't take off h his shirt. he didn't want girls to get bad ideas. he drank and smoked but then stopped that and said god said no alcohol. he said about america there are no values any more and people can't control themselves. apparently he was also able to convince a girlfriend of his to convert apparently quietly to islam as well. there seems to be a transition period in here, shep where he became radicalized. whether or not it meets the timeline of his trip to russia i guess we will find out soon as well, also. >> shepard: and we don't know the degree to which it happened to the younger because we heard from so many of his friends in college here all of whom stood in stunned disbelief as they talk about this great athlete and wrestler who inspired some others and worked so hard in the gym and did so well in school and an affable guy.
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31 had any complaints of the kind we heard from the older brother ever. at some point the suggestion is the older brother may have brought him along to this way of thinking. anybody who had an older brother younger brother relationship understands how the older brother can be persuasive. is it possible that this guy just got caught up in the meddle of it with the older brother. maybe we will be able to learn now and maybe we will be able to find out the o origins of this. i would like to learn what happened when went back. everything from chechnya today, they want no part of this. his uncle suggesting that they are are horrified by it all and asking the younger of the two to come forward and seek forgiveness. the father on the other hand and you can take that if you you want. the father had other things to say. >> sean: we heard from the father. interesting. two different p reactions from
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the father and aunt in canada versus the aunt that was in boston. the father claiming that in fact that the son is a victim and that he is being set up. even suggestd that there would be a backlash of some kind if in fact something happened. i think we have got the press conference. >> shepard: the police news conference is beginning. we have sosome cameras all over is the place we are spread out that we will have to swing the camera over there is my understanding. the news conference will begin. police have just -- oh, you have it from another camera. terrific. police informed us the suspect has been taken to mass general hospital. been taken to mass general hospital in serious condition. said to be bleeding. and will be admitted to mass general. he may have been taken to another hospital first but now going to mass general. as you know, serious is less than kit cal. doesn't sound at this moment at least that these are life threatening. we will learn when the authorities let us know in just a few minutes.
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it has been a frantic scene as authorities have worked to get here from about a mile down the road where this scene was actually taking place. it is the most relaxed we have seen is the group of people in many days. there are actually smiles around from time to time and this this entire commune knit great relief. some of the questions we going to be asking tonight. how did you find him? did you have communication with him at all? what condition was he in? and did he have with him any weapons or explosives and were your fears accurate at all that he might superhad with him a suicide vest as authorities told us the older brother did when died in the shootout in watertown. state police are setting up. the u.s. attorney will host the news conference. we will hear from state police and governor duvall patrick. the mayor of boston and the rest, sean. >> sean: i can just think off the top of my head, six, seven, eight questions we need answered. they need to interview the
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friends and family and find out what the motivation for this was. it was a hatred for america? some other political motivation that maybe we don't know about at this time? law enforcement agencies have to track down their communications and ea mails and texts. lot of leg work to do from this point forward. they will be checking all their phone calls and other locations and a witnesses that may emerge now that these guys have been caught. travel history is going to be key as we he discuss the trip that he took to russia. where are did the two brothers receive their training. you are right when you state that yes, this information is available on the internet. but where did they get their training if they got any training? you know, for example when they put the bombs together. another issue is are they homegrown? is there a foreign connection? these are questions that we will all have to have answered in the days and weeks to come and i think a key i is explorig especially was there a missed opportunity when a warning was perhaps given to the fbi at some point. we know that after 9/11
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al-qaeda want to engage in spectacular acts. is this a sign of maybe smaller acts that will be going on around the country, smaller targets and will it be happening at a greater are level of frequency. is there a network out there that we don't know he about. i think connecting the dots here is going to be difficult. finding the motivation and whether or not there are foreign connections. a lot of questions. maybe some will be answered during the press conference. >> shepard: i think the answers will are come in time and i think it is important to us not to get to a position where we start saying now we have more problems. at this point all we know is we have an older brother who is dead who had written things and said things. a younger brother still alive and taken to mass general hospital. we don't have any idea whether there are connections to a larger organization. police have confirmed a a few things that we were reporting earlier. it is the tip that got -- the
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news conference is right over my shoulder. let's let it begin. >> and i thought you all went home. >> we try. >> we are is grateful to be here right now. we he are so grateful to bring justice and closure to the case. to the families that lost loved ones or suffered injuries that they have to live with the rest of their lives, for a police officer, a young man starting a career at mit and the police officer with the mbta who almost lost his life and for neighborhoods that lived in fear for an entire day we are eternally grateful for the outcome here tonight. we have a suspect in custody. i want to thank all of the partners who worked tirelessly
6:33 pm
over the last four days including the fbi, the transit police, our brothers with the boston police department, the u.s. attorney's office, and the support that we have gotten from our governor over the last four days. we are exhausted, folks. but we have a victory here tonight. but let's not forget those people along the way. thanks very much. governor? >> on behalf of crystal and martin and on behalf of the mit officer who was lost last night and the transit police officer who was injured, on behalf of the hundreds of people who were hurt by the explosions at the marathon, i want to say how grateful i am to the colonel, to the special agent in charge, rick delorie. do all of the law enforcement
6:34 pm
who worked so well and so hard together, together to bring us to tonight's conclusion. it was a very, very complicated case. a very challenging case and there are still some questions remaining to be answered. but as the colonel said, because of that extraordinary colloboration and cooperation by all of these law enforcement resources and assets and more to the point people, professionals who brought their a-game we have a suspect in custody tonight. i want to also just thank all of the members of the public for their extraordinary patience. their participation in this investigation by reviewing photographs of their own and others there were up through the media and we thank you for that and helping us narrow in on these suspects. they were helpful and patient and we are grateful for that as well. it as night where i think we are all going to rest easy.
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carmen? >> thank you. good evening. i'm united states attorney carmen ortiz. i have to say that both the governor and the colonel have put it tremendously well. tonight we feel a tremendous sense of gratitude and relief. the ordeal that this community especially this neighborhood has endured over is the last 24 hours tonight we can sleep a bit easier. and all of the unpredictable horrific and yet heroic acts that have occurred over the last several days starting with the terrible bombing attack that occurred on monday, here we are and not forgetting the victims of the crimes that have occurred over the last several days. the victims of the bombings, two officers have been hurt.
6:36 pm
one who lost his life, shawn collier and richard donahue who is fighting for his life. our thoughts and our prayers are with their families. tonight you are going to have many questions but i want to say as i have said the last several days this has been a very active and ongoing investigation. and although for some of you tonight is a closure, for me he the journey continues. and so this will continue to be an ongoing and akron ittive investigation as we sought all of the details, continue to evaluate a tremendous amount of evidence and file our formal charges. with you i will say this, i have never -- but i will say this. i have never been prouder to stand with a tremendous group of law enforcement here from the colonel to the commissioner to my federal colleague rick deloriea with the fbi. all of the agencies. the state and low he cal
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departments that worked so hard. so o hard since the attacks on monday. so committed. and putting their lives on the line as we fought the last 24 hours to try to get a suspect into custody. and so my journey and my office's journey begins and this investigation will continue. so we will not be able to provide the details that you may want at this time. but as the days continue you will get answers to tho questions. thank you. >> mayor? >> thank you. i just want to say very briefly thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you to the law enforcement officials who worked together. state police. boston police. fbi. all working together. that is when government works the best. i want to thank also the citizens throughout. the last week not knowing what happened out there because of the bombing at the marathon. today because of the hard work of so many individuals, boston
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police workin working togetherh the state police we have a conclusion that we are all satisfied with. also folks, other folks have lost their lives this past week. we shall go on. we are a better city than what happened this past week and we will get better. and to all of you folks in the the media thank you for the support this past week. it wasn't easy. some days you said to us what. they are are work hard. they worked so hard this week to come to the conclusion tonight, tonight we say thank you to them. the work they did tracing down every one of those leads that we got. which is so significant to what came to the end of this case today. now, it is up to fringe to the federal courts. i'm so happy. as the people of the greater
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boston area will be able to sleep tonight because of the work of these individuals. good evening just. i'm the special agent in charge of the fbi boston division. it seems like many months since monday april 15 the day of the boston marathon bombings. yet it has been merely five days since the tragic explosions that took three lives, dit cali injured just over 180 spectators and in is stilled terror and fear among the citizens of the the city of boston, the commonwealth of massachusetts and elsewhere. today the city of boston, the city of cambridge and the city of watertown and many other communities can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that two perpetrators who caused so much pain and anguish are no longer a threat to our personal safety and to our communities. together with the action and survivors you port of our joint terrorism -- support of our
6:40 pm
joint terrorism task force partners many of which are on the stage with me this evening, the fbi and our partners remain vigilant and continue to follow through thousands of leads and sifted through hundreds of tips through thousands of man hours to reach this moment. this was truly an absolutely intense investigation and i do emphasize a truly intense investigation. as a result of that, justice is being served for the victims of these terrible crimes. i want to personally express the fbi's profound thanks to each of our partners for bringing us to this moment here this evening. no one agency alone accomplished this critically important task of keeping the city of boston and commonwealth of massachusetts safe. thank you very much and i thank you for it your support of our media campaign the other day which publicized the photos and i thank you very much for o the support that the media provided us on that. it was phenomenal. i thank each and every one of you tonight.
6:41 pm
thank you. >> commissioner david? >> four days ago my city was ruthlessly attacked. there is no explaining the savegery involved here. no explanation for are it. i spent the last is several days lookth at hundreds of hours of videotape. i got to see how brutal that attack was over and over and over again. but more importantly i got to see what the boston police officers who responded to the scene along with the medical personnel and other first responders did to put people back together. touputting a man who was on fie out with hair hands. these are the kind of things that came out o of the savagery. makes me proud to be a boston police officer and part of this team. rick from the fbi could not have been more cooperative. we sat together almost hour for hour for the last four days
6:42 pm
sharing every bit of information in a real team. colonel albins the same way. carmen ortiz with us all the time. and then to bring the governor and the mayor together leading the city of boston in responding to this. i finally just want to say that the citizens of the city have been incredible. patient with us. they have endured an enormous amount of heartache and agria expectations the last four days and we are happy to try to put this back together. thank you. >> watertown police chief. >> as the police chief of watertown it i can't be prouder of my community and the men and women of the watertown police department and what they have been through and we have been through the last 24 hours i wouldn't want to see another police department go through. the support from all of the different agency is over the last 24 hours incredible. so see so many agencies work together with the governor and
6:43 pm
mayor of boston and our officials in watertown has been really great. i have spoken to the people in watertown before but i can't thank you enough, the community stood strong and it was a call from a resident of watertown, we asked you to remain vigilant and you did. we got the call and we got the guy. we can't thank you enough. you have is done everything and more than we have asked. extremely proud of law enforcement today and what we accomplished. thank you. >> did you have communication with the suspect? >> we are not done. chief mcmillan from the mbta. >> i want to thank all those who sent thoughts and prayers to officer donahue and his family. it was deeply appreciated. and i want to commend all of the law enforcement agencies who took part in this. this is truly dedication and commitment at its best and i'm proud to be part of it.
6:44 pm
thank you. >> special agent in charge of the atf. >> i'm special agent in charge of the atf. >> right here. >> thank you. >> today the entire world witnessed this law enforcement community commitment to appeals prehe henning offenders. make no doubt this combined effort will never cease in its protection of every city, every town and every neighborhood in our nation. the prayers from every atf employee will continue to go out to the victims as they heal from the senseless act of violence. may god bless the citizens. >> sufficiensuffolk county dist attorney. >> thank you very much. i was listening to the police action all afternoon on the radio and i would like to join my voice or add my voice i should say to those who came before me to say what an extraordinary police operation across all jurisdictions that i was able to listen to and
6:45 pm
witness today. i was down at the scene early on and in our business, carmen, myself, it is about accountability. i can't say how happy i am and how pleased i am that the second subject was take ain live. this will really ensure accountability for the victims and their families. congratulations to all law enforcement for a job very well done and now the task ahead for accountability. thank you. >> we will take questions. >> how did the events transpire at the boat? >> there was a call that came in to the watertown police three boston police officer is along with state troopers and fbi agents responded to franklin street. a man had gone out of his house after being inside the house all day abiding by our request to stay inside. he walked outside and he saw blood on a boat in the backyard. he then opened the tarp on the top of the boat and he looked in and saw a man covered with blood. he retreated and called us.
6:46 pm
we set up a perimeter around that boat and over the course of the next hour or so we exchanged gunfire with the suspect who was inside the boat and ultimately the hostage rescue team of the fbi made an entry into the boat and removed the is suspect who was still alive in the boat. >> did you talk about the imperative of taking him alive? >> we always want to take all of suspects alive. >> i understand that, sir. can you talk about the context of this particular individual. talk about accountability. can you talk about how you want to -- why you wanted to take -- >> we always want to take somebody alive to find out what happened and why it happened and hold them for justice. >> reporter: did you you have communication with the suspect? >> reporter: how badly injured was he? >> the hostage team did work in trying to negotiate him out of the boat. he was not communicating.
6:47 pm
>> others were take noon custody as well reported. have they aided and abetted the suspect? >> actually i don't have is that information? >> commissioner davis, can you talk about the suspect's injuries? >> how do you know there are no other suspects out there and you got your guy and this is it? >> based upon our investigation at this point in time the citizens of jua boston can be confident the threat has been removed. the suspect is in serious condition at the hospital. >> how do you know that these were the suspects you were looking for? they didn't rob the 7-eleven. how did you know they were there at same time? >> they came to our attention after a vicious assassination of the police officer at mit. and a subsequent robbery that occurred where are we got videotape from a gas station. the robbery actually was a carjacking. the car was taken from the scene and officers engaged that
6:48 pm
car from the watertown police officers along with other officers. we were then able to put the case together. >> was he shot when you were apprehending him at the boat? >> the man who found him at the boat said he was covered with blood. we assume the injuries occurred the evening before. there was an exchange of gunfire at the boat. i don't know if he was struck. >> there was a house in new bedford that the hostage rescue team went into from the fbi because we felt that it was important to the investigation. but the suspect was not found there. >> given that he was still out there and armed -- >> i'm sorry? >> tell us more about the [inaudible question from the gallery] >> my assessment of that particular incident is he was anated new hampshire his cruise. do you know what he was doing? >> responding to a call for a disturbance. >> given that he was out there, still armed, was it a mistake
6:49 pm
to give the all clear and let people go outside? couldn't they have been at risk? >> we certainly did not give an all clear. we made it clear that people and colonel albins spoke clearly to this. this was a dangerous situation. we haded no information that the suspect was still holed up in the particular area. he managed to elude us by being slightly outside of the patriotismer that we set up. but in it truth we told everybody that this was a dangerous situation. and they should be cautious. this is a very dangerous time in the world. we to use caution. is what we ask people to do. thankfully this man who found the suspect called us right away. did the right thing and got on 911 and we were able to come in and take care of the situation. >> any explosives with him when was captured? >> no report of explosives when was captured. i was at the scene last night. an exchange of over 200 h rounds of gun fire and
6:50 pm
imprevisessed explosive devices and hand made hand grenades thrown at the officers at the scene. those officers acted heroically and courageously and protected the community and protected each other when they responded to the scene. i'm so proud of the actions of the watertown police and state police and boston police. an incredible team. did he have a weapon in the the boat? >> did he. i can't say -- i was told that there was an exchange of gun fire. i was not there when was taken out of the boat. are. >> no miranda warning, could you explain that for us? >> the united states attorney or the fbi may want to explain that. it is a federal issue. >> what are the extent? -- >> let him finish the question. >> no, did not. >> what is the question? >> the reports are are that there was no miranda warning given and they were claiming a
6:51 pm
public safety exception. could we get an answer to that? >> there is a public exception in cases involving acts of terrorism and the government has that opportunity right now. though i believe that the is suspect has been taken to a hospital. thank you. >> what are the conditions -- >> i'm sorry? >> will you seek the federal death penalty. >> i indicated earlier this is still an active and ongoing investigation. we will be reviewing all of the evidence before that kind of a decision is made in terms of whether or not to seek the death penalty you review all of the evidence and it is a very thoughtful long process that is engaged and it is the attorney general of the department of justice that makes that final decision. >> i'm sorry? >> went straight to the boat and can you or the colonel talk to us about what happened when
6:52 pm
you were on the scene? was he moving around? how did you know there was finally a chance to take him into custody? >> i'm going let -- >> we know he didn't go straight to the boat. we -- when we set up the perimeter with the best intentions with a lot of information that we found blood in the car that he abandoned and we found blood behind a house inside the perimeter so we had no information that he had gotten outside the perimeter. as we said it was very chaotic early this morning. we had to aid a pleas police or that was shot. we thought we had the perimeter solid but we were about one block away. he had to be moving a little bit after he was behind a house for a period of time that we know. >> how did you know that you could take him into custody? had he been moving around, were you able to watch that? >> the reason that we knew this is our helicopter had actually detected the subject in the
6:53 pm
boat. we have a what is called a forward looking infrared device on the helicopter and it picked up the heat signature of the individual even though he was underneath the shrink wrap or a cover on the boat itself and there was movement from that point on and the helicopter was able to direct the tactical teams to the area and a ultimately take him into custody. >> was he in the boat during the day? >> it was outside the perimeter during the day so it was not searched. this was the act of a citizen that went out and discovered this individual in the boat and ultimately called the watertown police department and resulted in this -- our response. >> what was the suspect doing at mit? planting another bombing? >> is it possible the suspect won't make it and won't live to tell the story of what happened? >> i'm sore arery. >> is there a chance he won't make it. >> i know he is is in serious condition but i don't know to what extent. i think we have taken enough
6:54 pm
questions for now. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you all. >> thanking that community for all of its h help tonight. we are waiting for the president to speak from the white house which is our understanding he will do in the next two to three minutes. we know that a lot of the things we had been the day turned out it to be accurate. the tip from the person who lived in the house is what led the authorities there in the first place. we now know the reporting of the cbs channel here in boston was accurate that the authorities have taken a chopper overhead and using thermal imaging what they call the blur have been able to realize that the man was in the boat. there was an exchange of gun fire according to the police commissioner of boston. that was the 20 to 30 shots that witnesses described on scene including our own producer. we don't know how many he got off and whether he was wounded in the particular shooting how to we should know by tomorrow.
6:55 pm
we know he was injured in the shootout that happened early this morning or late last night when his brother was killed and right before he backed over his body in an attempt to escape. he has been taken to mass general hospital where he is listed in serious condition. in the early going that suggest is these are not life threatening injuries. that would almost always be he called critical. we know there was blood inside the boat and he was noncommunicative. he was noncommunicative during all of this. he had them sur you rounded after the tip came in from the owner of this particular residence. earlier there were reports it was a woman but tonight called that he had beenan surrounded. they had been telling him to come out and wouldn't. they went in and got him and eventually were able to take him to mass general where he is being treated even tonight.
6:56 pm
>> sean: i asked about this report from major garrett who had just treated out. they didn't read publisher and did a rights but used a public safety inspection with not having to do so. it will give us an idea how to handle this case. >> shep: this is treated as a terrorism case. they have been clearly labeled as terrorist here. this is an incident of terrorism and three others were taken in custody, as well. two men and a woman. college aged students. taken into custody for questioning. we don't know the result of that questioning or whether they have any sort of involvement with this. as i understand there are two suspects, one of them tonight is
6:57 pm
dead. one of them is at mass general hospital and very much in police custody. next order of business tonight is for the president of the united states is to speak from the white house. we had notification from the white house in the very first moments that he would be speaking at 9:45. it's 9:57 eastern daylight time. we later learned at the press conference as ongoing the president was going to wait until the news conference ended and get a couple of minutes. let's go to ed henry who is standing by there live tonight. i understand the president was briefed all along. >> reporter: that's right. he has been briefed throughout the night as this whole thing was unfolding. he was keeping a low profile throughout the day not to step on the local investigators, the f.b.i. all working together. they say inside the white house is for the president to it's not to micromanage a police hunt like this. aides were saying he was going
6:58 pm
to let the news conference finish and not step on local and state officials answering questions. we are told he was informed a short time by the f.b.i. director robert mueller that the suspect was in custody and is alive as they try to get information out of him. a big victory for the president to bring this suspect to justice. the first one obviously being killed. the second one brought in alive. also, a victory for robert mueller, he has been on the job for several years since around 9/11 and is stepping down in a few months. this was weighing on him in recent days in order to bring the suspects to justice. a lot needs to be played out when you talk about miranda rights being read, you have lindsay graham that the suspect should not get miranda right so she is treated as enemy combatant. that is going to be a debate
6:59 pm
that will be playing out in the days ahead. they will be happy to know they iced exemption and no miranda rights which is the reason i asked the question in the first place. we want to know where they are going in this things. ed, in the early going, it sounds like that is it. i was struck by the image at authorities at the microphones tonight. an entire region on pins and needles one of the greatest cities shut down like nothing in 247-year history. all along as hundreds upon hundreds of people searched for him and thousands and tens of thousands of people sheltered in their own homes. a 19-year-old guy who carried out a terrorist attack on the boston marathon sat bleeding and lying in a boat -- i forget the name of street.

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